Individual Therapy

Our first meeting - is for us to meet and get a feel for each other. You will know pretty quickly whether I am the right person for you. This is a no commitment meeting and can be, just a one off. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with me, and so this meeting will help you to decide. I will ask some questions about what brought you, and what you are hoping to achieve. You will also be able to ask questions about what you need to know and what to expect. There is a charge of £50 but if applicable I will give you some techniques to go away with, so even if you feel you don’t wish to return you will have gained from our meeting. On occasions I meet people whom I feel I cannot help, if this does happen, rest assured I will signpost you to someone who can, but (In my 14 years this has happened only four times) this is very rare. 

What happens next? - ongoing work together is a joint commitment.
The length of the work varies according to your needs and we review the work together regularly. This is to ensure that it is still helping you and not just become like a comfy set of slippers, which feels good but isn’t necessary. Investing in yourself takes commitment and isn’t cheap, so it’s important that we don’t go beyond what you need. Ongoing sessions are negotiated based on affordability starting at £55-£65. I do have a few appointments where concessions are available.