Children and Adolescents

I have worked with Children and Adolescents for over 20 years in a variety of settings, the last eight years of which, were in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health service (CAMHs). If your child is unhappy, it could be for a number of reasons, for example feeling stressed because of exams, friendships problems, identity or genders issues. They could be depressed or highly anxious, self-harming or feeling suicidal. I offer a thorough assessment and risk management strategy before offering ongoing work. 

If your child is seriously self-harming or feeling suicidal I can refer to the appropriate CAMHs teams within the community to ensure they get the support they need which is free of cost. I do need to charge for the assessment and referral which is £50.

However, if your child doesn’t need community services I can offer ongoing therapy in a variety of styles to suit your child. I will often use non-directive play/art therapy skills to help children communicate and process their thoughts and feelings. I am not a trained play/art therapist but through my years of experience I have developed these skills successfully. Ongoing work is £45 per session. The work will be reviewed regularly with them and their parent/carer, to ensure we are on the right track, and things are improving for your child. Due to the difference in Children’s and Adolescents brain development, it can often be trial and error to find the right way for them and so again it is important for regular reviews.