About Me


My name is Deborah. I am a qualified Psychotherapist and Counsellor and have been practicing for over 13 years since gaining my qualifications. I am a member of the BACP as well as being on the BACP Register. But more than that, I’m committed to helping and supporting people to establish and sustain good Emotional Wellbeing. 

I work in in a non-directive way alongside you, to help you discover what you need to feel happy and fulfilled, and learn how to maintain that happiness on a daily basis.Therapy is the core of my work; however, experience has shown me that therapy alone is not always enough, which is why I have trained in and studied other ways to help and support people. For example, I can work with you on how to relax, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety. 

I am a person just like you, and I’m living my life with its ups and downs. I have a family, friends, and fulfilling hobbies, but sometimes I feel lonely and sad. I’ve experienced great sorrow as well as great happiness, all of which make up the person that is me.

My motivation to train in psychotherapy came from my great love of people. We are all unique and wonderful; we all hurt and feel great pain. I believe we all have it within us to make changes to our lives, and I hope I can help you to make the changes you need in your life, and the biggest change you can make is acceptance. Seeking help is a first step towards that acceptance.